Gas Safe regulation code
collaboration meetings

Change of use &
Renovation compliance reports

Building Code concept reports

These identify and inform the design
team of compliance items in relation to
the codes and standards required for the project. In addition, this is an excellent document to submit for building permit approvals.



Boiler Installation



Alternative solution proposals

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Commercial Boiler Installation


Pace Heating & Plumbing pride ourselves on our robust boilers and heating systems. Each system is designed and installed to meet the clients requirements.

We can provide a boiler installation and fitting for any location. for hotels, schools, factories, industrial outlets, supermarkets, Universities and colleges. With years experience behind us we are comfortable with any installation of any size or requirements.

We can provide steam and hot water industrial boilers - gas, oil or coal-fired.

When having an industrial boiler installed, you need to be sure that it will provide reliability and economical performance, for years to come. Since 1995 Pace Heating & Plumbing have aimed to consistently provide that peace of mind for our customers. Our commercial and industrial boilers are built to last, offering maximum efficiency, economy, long life, with quality components ensuring high reliability and minimum maintenance costs.

All our industrial boilers and commercial heating systems are designed on a project by project basis. There are no standard systems ready to install because over many years we have found that each project is unique. There is no need to pay higher running costs for a system capable of providing far more heating and hot water than you could ever use, nor discover in the winter months that your new boiler is incapable of meeting exceptional needs.

Contact us and let us offer you a comprehensive and competitive quote for a system designed to meet your unique needs.


We always meet commissioning targets, which is nothing less than our client's expect .

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Safety First


First and foremost, its our job to ensure compliance with building and fire code standards for the safety of everyone.


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