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Here at Pace Heating & Plumbing, we are specialists in the field of industrial and commercial gas safety certification for all industrial and commercial properties. We can provide commercial gas safety certificates for all types of domestic, residential, industrial and commercial gas equipment, pipe work and appliances and we can supply these for any reason you may require them.

We are one of London's leading providers of commercial gas safety certificates for restaurants, cafe's, fast food takeaways, commercial kitchens, commercial catering outlets, bakers, schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, hotels, commercial kitchens, pubs, night clubs, care homes, nursing homes, factories, warehouses, pipe fitters, construction firms, Landlord's, commercial Landlord's and much more in London, Greater London, 


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Many insurers require proof of a commercial gas certificate for properties to continue with cover.


Many Local Authorities are also now implementing the law for restaurants, fast-food takeaways, hotels, clubs and similar, ensuring that all properties are in posession of commercial gas safety certificates to enable them to continue trading and staying legally compliant.


Many building services and contractors require commercial gas certificates for completed phases of their project and to enable final connection and commissioning of their installation.


We can provide you with a commercial gas safety certificate for all of these reasons and our commercial gas safety certificates satisfy all Authorities.


We provide these services for Commercial Landlord's, Facilities Managers, Business Customers, Retail Outlets and Chains, Commercial Property, Commercial Rental Properties and Letting Agents, as well as any other who may require them, throughout the whole of The U.K . Our low cost commercial gas safety checks and commercial gas safety certificates help you stay safe, give you peace of mind and most importantly, help keep you legally compliant. 


As well as commercial gas safety certificates and commercial gas safety checks, we also provide a wide range of industrial and commercial gas services to existing and new clients throughout the whole of London


Some of the services we provide include:

  • Commercial gas safety certificates
  • Commercial gas catering servicing and repairs
  • Commercial gas catering safety inspection (CP42)
  • Commercial gas mobile catering safety inspection (CP44)
  • Industrial and commercial gas boiler service and repairs
  • Industrial and commercial gas safe registered engineers 
  • Servicing and maintenance
  • Breakdown repairs
  • 24 Hour emergency call out
  • Contracts and service plans  
  • Design and installations
  • Industrial gas pipework gas safety certificate
  • commercial gas pipework gas safety certificate
  • Industrial and commercial heating repairs 
  • Industrial and commercial hot water repairs 
  • Industrial and commercial power flushing and de-scaling
  • Landlord's gas safety certificates (CP12)   
  • Industrial, commercial and domestic gas safety certificates 
  • Industrial and commercial gas appliance commissioning and de-commissioning 
  • Industrial and commercial gas pipework testing
  • Non-domestic plant commissioning and servicing (CP15)  
  • Unvented hot water systems
  • Industrial and commercial gas distribution systems 
  • Commercial gas safety interlock systems
  • Gas safety proving devices  
  • Non-domestic plant commissioning and servicing (CP15) 
  • Industrial and commercial gas pipe-work testing and purging (CP16) 
  • Gas installation safety reports (CP17) 
  • Gas boosters and high pressure pipe-work - installation, commissioning, servicing and maintenance
  • Gas leak trace and repairs

If you are an employer:

It shall be the duty of every employer or self-employed person to ensure that any gas appliance, installation pipework or flue installed at any place of work under his / her control is maintained in a safe condition so as to prevent risk of injury to any person.


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Prevention is paramount


We ensure that all preventative measures in place are
working exactly as they should be, for the safety of everyone.


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