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Commercial Gas Pipework Purging Services

Pace Heating & Plumbing Commercial Divition have extensive experience in the commissioning and decommissioning of commercial gas pipework and the associated pipework purging services required. We have an enviable record of completed commercial gas projects large and small, and we can carry out comprehensive gas testing and purging of commercial gas pipework throughout the UK. At locations throughout the UK, we have Gas Engineers trained to deal with all aspects of commercial gas pipework purging whether on new build, refurbishment or decommissioning.

In IGE/UP/1 and IGE/UP/1A (Strength Testing, Tightness Testing and Direct Purging of Industrial and Commercial Gas Installations), The Institution of Gas Engineers and Managers (IGEM) has laid out clear principles which must be observed whenever a gas supply is to be commissioned or decommissioned, whether a new or an existing installation is involved. The person making the supply available must ensure that all air and gas, other than the gas to be supplied, is purged from the installation.

Pace Heating & Plumbing Commercial are able to bring to bear various techniques for purging commercial gas pipework to suit the circumstances of each project, including


Compressed air purge (where appropriate)
Low pressure air fan purge units
Nitrogen pulse purging
Nitrogen slug purging


Commercial Gas Purging | Gas Pipework Purging Services

For all projects, a full assessment of the risks involved will be conducted, showing clearly the safety considerations to be taken into account during the process. A comprehensive operating procedure will be documented, requisite liaison with external bodies and local emergency services will be carried out, and on handover, certification will be provided following completion detailing the test and purge results.

Pace Heating & Plumbing Commercial Ltd offer a same day response to industrial, commercial and public sector customers in all regions of the UK, and for non-emergency work, appointments round the clock can be made to suit your operational schedules. Call us NOW on 0207 183 2727 or 07956800132 or see our Regional Contacts page to locate your nearest Engineering Team.






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